Dates: 21 November ~ 21 December
Sagittarius Background

Career & Work

Sagittarius In Career & Work

An individual belonging to Sagittarius horoscope sign is never afraid of taking risks, loves his freedom and enjoys new experiences. These traits of his are quite visible in his professional life. Thus he can do well in entrepreneurial activities and starting his own business. They are also one of the luckiest people so most of their time their gamble pays off.

Taking risks, gambling, luck etc are important for doing business and since they have it all in them, it is much easier for them succeed in business. They are always at the right place at the right time. This is highly beneficial for them in their profession. Some of the most suitable career options for Sagittarius are explorers, professors, travel agents, photographers, ambassadors, exporters and importers, adventure tour guides, teaching, lawyer, sportsperson, writer, priest etc.

They love adventure and thrill in life; hence they seek the same in their job. They find it very hard to stick to 9 to 5 job which is very monotonous for them. They want to be out there in the field, exploring new things and opportunities. They are highly optimistic and philosophical. As colleagues they are very friendly, helpful and inspiring. They like to work independently without anyone's interference and do not like people trying to put restrictions on them. It is easy for them to achieve success due to their honest, energetic and outgoing nature.

They will easily achieve their career goals with positive attitude, optimism and good luck which are always on their side. They have good conscience and moral sense which keeps them on track in their professions.


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