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Sagittarius Finance Horoscope Today

Wednesday: November 17, 2021

Sagittarius, you can feel scattered and unmotivated today. This is okay and it’s completely normal. Mishaps and mistakes can also happen so it’s important to recheck your work, re-read your emails, and double check your assistants work just in case. On a positive note, you are cosmically protected by Mercury retrograde’s connection with Jupiter in your third house of communication. Move forward with confidence, but still double check!

Sagittarius Finance Horoscope Tomorrow

Thursday: November 18, 2021

Archer, tension can ensue in your day-to-day work life regarding how you communicate with others. It’s important to remember professionalism although certain situations can bring you stress. Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde in your third house of communication, forming a challenging aspect called a square with Mars in Taurus in your sixth house of work. This could be regarding a creative project. There is a way to express your truth without triggering others.

Sagittarius Finance Horoscope Yesterday

Tuesday: November 16, 2021

Sagittarius, miscommunications are smoothing out as the planet of peace, Venus is forming a connection with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius in your third house. Recently a recurring disagreement may have come up again. You may have exchanged some tense words with a colleague and this could have caused some disruptions in the work environment. Venus prefers to have energies in balance, so you can expect a conversation that will end up positively. Speak your truth, Archer.


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