Dates: 21 November ~ 21 December
Sagittarius Background


Sagittarius In Health

Sagittarius astrology sign rules the hips, livers and thighs, hence they will have health problems related to those organs. Since they are highly energetic and outgoing they do not like being confined to their bed due to illness, hence they will try every possible way to stay healthy. As they are very athletic and sporty, they are physically fit most of the time.

In fact they are so much into physical activity that they will fall sick if they do not do so. They have a very active and sensitive liver which needs to be well taken care of. Hence they should avoid rich, oily foods and alcohol. Liver diseases like hepatitis, liver cirrhosis etc are quite common among Sagittarius, thus they need to be extra alert on these matters. Other body parts and organs that they rule are sacral region, spine, nerves, femur, buttocks, ileum and arteries.

Hence they are susceptible to diseases related to those parts of the body like loco-motor ataxia, sciatica, rheumatism, hip disease, liver disease, jaundice, cellulite, stretch marks, fractures, ruptures, spinal cord diseases, high blood pressure etc. As they are fire sign they are also prone to fevers. A well balanced diet and good physical exercise will keep Sagittarius fit and healthy.


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