Dates: 21 November ~ 21 December
Sagittarius Background

How To Attract

Different ways to attract Sagittarius

It is very easy to get attracted to a Sagittarius due to their magnetic and pleasing personality and it is not so difficult to attract them either. They are very simple, down to earth people who have simple tastes and choices. One does not need to try too hard to impress a Sagittarius.

These individuals are very playful and adventurous, so anything that is exciting and fun filled will attract them. They always want to be on the go, so keep them occupied. They love physical activity, so invite them for sports and workouts. Never expect them to sit at one place and talk about life, they find it monotonous and boring. They like people who are confident, truthful, honest, and adventurous and fun loving, because they are also one of them. They like challenges and new adventures, so take them out for one.

They do not like people who are too clingy, boring, monotonous and interfering. They love their freedom and will not trade it for anything, so never ever try to interfere with their freedom. If handled the correct way they can be great friends and good company.


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