Dates: 21 November ~ 21 December
Sagittarius Background

Moon in your Horoscope

Moon in Sagittarius - Traits, Personality & its Meaning

Your Sagittarius Moon means you rarely feel at home within four walls for you must be frequently out and about, meeting people who share your zest for life, often abroad or from other cultures. Family ties can be something of a burden to Moon in Sagittarius, so you prefer a partner who is as freedom-loving as you are, preferably also one who will keep a home waiting for you when you return from your travels. You may use any excuse to escape the confines of home and family life, even things that don't interest you. Matters that do interest a Sagittarius Moon often concern human rights and justice, or religious or spiritual concerns. In fact justice for those outside your home may concern you more than your children who may justly feel they have a right to more attention from their parents. The attention you do give them may be very supportive in encouraging them to take an interest in and learn about the wider world, and in stirring the imagination. Establishing a close emotional bond with children may not be the strength of Moon in Sagittarius.

If stuck at home you may escape by watching on the television others doing things you long to do yourself, such as sport or taking holidays in exotic destinations. Your bookshelf may be full of holiday brochures or the diaries of travel writers, or, if you are more academically inclined, writings of a philosophical nature, perhaps on the subject of ethics.


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